Hello 2019!

Where do I begin?

Another year has gone by, seemingly in a blink, and here we are again with a fresh start.  There is something so exciting about starting anew ever January 1st.  We realistically know that we can start fresh whenever we want, it doesn't have to be at the beginning of a new year, but there is just something about it, am I right?

So I am jumping on the ever moving bandwagon with a fresh new list of resolutions.  I'm excited at the possibilities of what is to come.  I have high expectations this year, some great goals, and nothing but optimism.  My teenager will be going to University this year, and hopefully we will have another baby by the end of 2019.  Lots to look forward too, and be excited about.  

So here they are, my resolutions for 2019.  I'll keep track of them here, although some are more tangible than others.  Lets get started on a great new year!!

2019 Resolutions


1. Get out of debt - minimum payment of 300/month with additional ideas and ways to increase payments listed below

2. Do various challenges - spending fast, pantry challenge - money saved goes on to debt

3. Buy second hand, no new books all year

4. Do all survey receipts, petro points receipts - use points accumulated for gift cards, extras for us (a want not a need) - currently have $112 in petro points

5. 20 minutes a day for swagbucks surveys - use points accumulated for gift cards, extras for us (a want not a need) - currently have $63 in points

6. Raise money by selling things - extra money goes on to debt OR is used for extras only (a want, not a need)

7. Be diligent about price matching, frugal shopping, wasting less (food) and only buying what is needed

8. Reduce monthly groceries gradually & put the extra money on to debt - current budget is $400/month, lets see how low it can go

9. Buy new car and pay down as much as possible (and get on a reasonable repayment plan) - this should be the only debt we are carrying in to 2020

Health & Wellness

1. Exercise 3x per week

2. Minimum of 80oz of water per day

3. Do various food challenges (no carbs, no sugar, no processed foods, meatless Mondays, etc)

4. Get serious about diet/food

5. Reserve drinking for weekends and/or special occasions

6. Read for 20mins per day

7. Read one book per month

8. Live in the moment - worry less (worrying means you can’t possibly be living in the moment)

9. Less nagging, more loving

10. Less judging, more enjoying time with people

11. Less judging, more enjoying time with people


1. Clean out under the basement stairs

2. Take on a minimalist approach - get rid of “stuff”, clear the clutter

3. Stay on top of cleaning by doing something small daily/every other day

And there you have it. My goals for 2019. Today is day one...

And some pics of course :)

Here is Brie ringing in the New Year (at 7pm) in her new robe.  She has been sick since Boxing Day so it was nice to see her in good spirits

We recently purchased an air fryer (Tfal Actifry) and we absolute love it.  This is chicken scallopine with no oil whatsoever.  It tasted fried...all the goodness without the guilt!  Stay tuned for recipes!

Christmas dinner with the family.  Chris was taking the picture (which is why he isn't in it).  This was our first Christmas without our beloved Uncle Ed who we lost in November (on Brie's birthday).  He was missed, but also honored.

A shameless selfie.  Just because

Chris with one of his many Christmas gifts - Tisania got him 3D glasses that he can use with his phone (or a TV).  Great.  LOL

Opening gifts on Christmas morning