Creamy & Cheesy Chicken Alfredo

We were craving something comforting and fatty the other night (and by we I mean me) so I decided to try my hand at a simple yet decadent chicken alfredo.  I don't exactly have a recipe for this but I'll explain what I did.  I had mine over zoodles (pictured below) but the rest of the family was happy with penne.

Here is how I made this -

8-9 boneless skinless chicken thighs
bacon fat
5 cloves of garlic
2 onions
bone broth, or stock, or water
2-3 c of cream
salt, pepper
1 block of Edam shredded (or parmesan, or aged gouda, or whatever you have that isn't too strong of a cheese)

Cut up the chicken thighs into bite size pieces and fry in the bacon fat over medium high heat.  Season with salt & pepper.  Removed them from the pan when they are browned and cooked through. Add the onions and garlic to the same pan and let them cook in the remaining grease.  I added a bit of bone broth when things got too dry - you can use any stock, or even water.  Deglaze the pan with the liquid you choose by scraping up all the delicious brown bits.  Add the cream in and stir continuously.  When warmed through, add the cheese and the chicken and stir until the cheese has melted.  Remove from heat and serve over noodles, or zoodles.  Make sure you are seasoning throughout - so season the chicken, then the onion/garlic mixture, and finally the cream mixture.  A wise person once taught me that if you season your meal at every stage of the cooking process, you'll end up with a well seasoned meal.  If you wait until the end, you'll end up with a salty meal.  Great advice.  Enjoy!!!

And my resolutions...

1. Read a minimum of 20 mins per day - 189 out of 275 days

2. Read a minimum of 1 book per month -
March - Lost Echoes
April - The Magic by Rhonda Byrne
Loving What Is by Byron Katie (I highly recommend this book, I'm reading it again to make sure it all sinks in)
May - Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein
June - Bag of Bones by Stephen King
July - The Two Minute Rule by Robert Crais
August - The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene
September - T is For Transformation by Shaun T

3. Drink 80oz of water per day - 138 out of 275 days

4. Get in a minimum of 10,000 steps daily - My fitbit broke and their customer service sucks ass so I'm no longer counting my steps.  I was doing well over 15,000 per day so I think as long as I keep moving, I'm good here

5. Post on this blog weekly - 22 out of 40 weeks

6. Lose the baby weight and get into the best shape of my life - Since joining  Beach Body On Demand I have participated in 21 Day Fix and lost 3 pounds and 4 inches - nothing crazy but feeling great.  Today I started 21 Day Fix Extreme and am really pushing myself to stay on track with the meal plan, so we will see how that goes.

7. Get rid of 52 things -
1-6. Books given to my daughter's friend, they were duplicates that I didn't need to hang on to
7. Threw out some cleaning products and knick knacks that were under the kitchen sink
8. Got rid of some baby clothes that we had been given by a friend - they were all boys clothes
(since we thought we were having a boy) - I kept some neutral items and brought the rest to Once
Upon A Child for some cash
9. Got rid of all the old tupperware (and bought a new set - does that count? I'm going to say yes
because in the past I would have kept the old & the new)
10. Dumped all of the expired vitamins and medicine that we had (some dating as far back as 2010!!) - more on that below
11.  Possibly TMI but I got rid of a ton of old underwear - now I have to replace them, which is always fun.
12. I sold Brie's bassinet this week, $60 in my pocket and one less thing to hang on to
13. Gave two huge bags of clothes to Value Village
14. Got rid of a travel bottle warmer and some bottles to someone who needed them on LetGo
15. Got rid of 2 bags of the hubbies clothes (donated)
16. Got rid of a bag of boys baby clothes (gave to my friend)
17. Got rid of all of my bras that will never fit properly again (thanks for that Brielle! lol)
18. Got rid of old hair products and face products that were just creating clutter under the bathroom sink
19. Got rid of jeans that will never fit me
20. Got rid of work pants that will never fit me
21. Got rid of sweaters that I don't like

8. Organize/clean 52 areas (that I wouldn't normally clean during my daily/weekly routines)
1. Organized my book shelves by giving away duplicate books, grouping the self-help novels together, grouping authors together that I have huge collections of, and alphabetizing the remaining books
2. Cleaned the area underneath the kitchen sink - it was a disaster. Now everything is organized
and accounted for
3. I cleaned the top of the hallway closet and threw out winter gear that had no matches along with
other little things that had no business being there (or anywhere). A small project, but a needed
one! (see pictures below)
4. I cleaned our "medicine cabinet" - we have a section of shelving in our kitchen where we keep vitamins and medicine. Most of the bottles were expired, and it was a mess up there. See before and after pics above. And yes, I am still taking prenatal vitamins. We plan on having one more baby so might as well stay healthy for that. To be honest I think I'll continue taking them indefinitely - they are great.
5. I finally cleaned my linen closet and got rid of a ton of things we didn't need.  Check out the before and after pics below- we now have a whole empty shelf to fill up!  I think we will use it for toilet paper and paper towel which is currently stuffed in the spare bedroom's closet.  That will be my next task to tackle.
6. Cleaned out all of my bra and lingerie drawers (and got rid of a ton of them)
7. Cleaned out and organized the area under my bathroom sink.  Found some cool face products that I didn't know I had too!
8. Cleaned out all of my jeans and got rid of the ones I'll never wear again
9. Went through all of my work pants and got rid of the ones I'll never wear again
10. Organized my sweaters and got rid of the ones I'll never wear again

11. Email or call my Grandma weekly - I'm finally calling my Grandma with the phone card I purchased.  I love her to pieces!!

12.  Do things to get me out of my comfort zone
1. I attended a mom/baby fitness class, and loved it so much that I'll be going weekly (with a friend     of mine pictured above)
2. Joined another mommy/baby fitness class (salsa) that I haven't started yet - it begins on Thursday and it's an hour away.  I joined with the same friend who comes to my neck of the woods once a week for the other classes we are doing.  This is out of my comfort zone for two reasons - the obvious one is attending and trying a new class, but also the fact that it is so far away.  I usually don't venture too far out of my bubble.  I'll be able to walk around after each class and explore a new city, so that'll be fun, and an added bonus.
3. I started going to a chiropractor for my achy back.  This is big for me - I don't like to be touched by strangers.  So yea, this is huge
4.  I went to the dentist.  After 9 years.  Yes you read that right. No cavities, just tartar build up so I have to go back to have them freeze me and do a cleaning that will take an hour.  I'm going back May 1st.  I'm afraid of the dentist (hence the 9 year hiatus) so this qualifies as being outside of my comfort zone.
5. As a follow up to my visit to the dentist, I returned to get needles (eek!) to freeze my gums and do a one hour cleaning on the right side of my mouth.  Today I go for the left side.  In the past I would have avoided this all together and just not shown up.
6. I signed up for a playdate at a local splash pad through a Mommy/Baby group.  I go next week, we will see how it is
7. I started Brie in swimming lessons.  Just getting into a swimsuit in public is huge for me.
8. I joined Beach Body and I'm absolutely thrillled

13. Go on the treadmill for a minimum of 20 minutes daily - 131 out of 177 days

And as always, I'll end with some pics:

I made sweet potato waffles...they were a hit

She always finds something to chew on, whether its edible or not

But avocado seems to be the favorite right now