Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs with Brie


I didn't cook much this week, but I did make a kick ass spaghetti and meatballs (using pureed eggplant as my base instead of tomato sauce) and some pretty awesome scrambled eggs for breakfast on Sunday morning.

No real recipe here, just your standard scrambled eggs with chopped up scallions, cubed brie, and some delicious smoked salmon.  Yum.

I also did a lot of dining out, which probably wasn't the healthiest but it sure was delicious.  Some pics of what I ate below - so good.

Lettuce wraps - lunch after a mommy/baby fitness class

Fish tacos & salad - this was my friend's lunch after our class

Date night with the hubby at The Pickle Barrel - my favorite place ever.  Coconut shrimp and calamari...

A horrible picture but the Double Monty at The Pickle Barrel - a must try

And the BBBLT at The Pickle Barrel - SO DAMN GOOD

And on to the resolutions...

1. Read a minimum of 20 mins per day - 43 out of 63 days, getting better

2. Read a minimum of 1 book per month -
January - The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
February - The Buddha and The Borderline
March - Lost Echoes

3. Drink 80oz of water per day - 20 out of 63 days - I did better with this last week.  Hopefully I'll start closing the gap

4. Get in a minimum of 10,000 steps daily - 48 out of 63 days, and I just won my second Stepbet so the motivation is there.  I'll join another one this week to keep the momentum up.

5. Post on this blog weekly - so far so good

6. Lose the baby weight and get into the best shape of my life - The scale is finally starting to move!  I've been working out more, and tracking what I eat on My Fitness Pal.  I also ordered a "blueprint" from IIFYM that hasn't come yet, but I'm intrigued so we will see.  I've always been curious about the whole tracking macros thing.  I'll keep you posted.

7. Have 12 no spend weeks - This isn't going so well. I'll keep trying

8. Write for 30 mins per week - This is going a little better now that I have adjusted what the definition of this is.  I am including the time spent on a self help manual that I am working through, since it includes quite a bit of writing.  I'm at 5 out of 8 weeks.

9. Get rid of 52 things - also from the same website - what a great idea to get rid of things that have been accumulated over the years and just collect dust
1-6. Books given to my daughter's friend, they were duplicates that I didn't need to hang on to
7. Threw out some cleaning products and knick knacks that were under the kitchen sink
8. Got rid of some baby clothes that we had been given by a friend - they were all boys clothes
(since we thought we were having a boy) - I kept some neutral items and brought the rest to Once
Upon A Child for some cash
9. Got rid of all the old tupperware (and bought a new set - does that count? I'm going to say yes
because in the past I would have kept the old & the new)
10. Dumped all of the expired vitamins and medicine that we had (some dating as far back as 2010!!) - more on that below
11.  Possibly TMI but I got rid of a ton of old underwear - now I have to replace them, which is always fun.

10. Organize/clean 52 areas (that I wouldn't normally clean during my daily/weekly routines)
1. Organized my book shelves by giving away duplicate books, grouping the self-help novels together, grouping authors together that I have huge collections of, and alphabetizing the remaining books
2. Cleaned the area underneath the kitchen sink - it was a disaster. Now everything is organized
and accounted for
3. I cleaned the top of the hallway closet and threw out winter gear that had no matches along with
other little things that had no business being there (or anywhere). A small project, but a needed
one! (see pictures below)
4. I cleaned our "medicine cabinet" - we have a section of shelving in our kitchen where we keep vitamins and medicine. Most of the bottles were expired, and it was a mess up there. See before and after pics above. And yes, I am still taking prenatal vitamins. We plan on having one more baby so might as well stay healthy for that. To be honest I think I'll continue taking them indefinitely - they are great.

11. Email or call my Grandma weekly - Doing well with this one

12.  Do things to get me out of my comfort zone
1. I attended a mom/baby fitness class, and loved it so much that I'll be going weekly (with a friend     of mine pictured above)
2. Joined another mommy/baby fitness class (salsa) that I haven't started yet - it begins on Thursday and it's an hour away.  I joined with the same friend who comes to my neck of the woods once a week for the other classes we are doing.  This is out of my comfort zone for two reasons - the obvious one is attending and trying a new class, but also the fact that it is so far away.  I usually don't venture too far out of my bubble.  I'll be able to walk around after each class and explore a new city, so that'll be fun, and an added bonus.

I'll end with my gorgeous babies....have a great week!!

Nothing sweeter then the bond these two are creating

She's growing way too fast