Vegetarian Lasagna with Sweet Potato Sauce

Happy Family Day!

We are home hanging out together..well, kind of.  Hubby is enjoying his day off in bed, and me and the girls are watching Celebrity Big Brother.  Of course, I am also cooking and baking.

Since yesterday I have made amazing fall of the bone ribs, alfredo pasta & green beans, as well as sausages and spaghetti squash, mini meatloaves, and triple chocolate peppermint cookies.  I'd say that we are prepared for the week.  Tonight's dinner will be homemade bbq pizza (topped with ribs, meatloaf, bbq sauce, sweet peppers, and lots of cheese).  The rest of the week will be the abundance of leftovers that we will have from all of these meals.  Yum, I love leftovers.

What I'd really like to tell you about though, is the vegetarian lasagna I made earlier in the week.  Wow was it ever a hit!  I even surprised myself with how well it turned out.  I don't really have a recipe for you, so I'll do my best to explain.  I had a few baked sweet potatoes in the fridge that I knew weren't going to be eaten, so I used them as the basis to my sauce.

I threw 2 baked sweet potatoes in the blender along with an onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, salt & pepper, and some water to loosen things up and make a saucy consistency. 

For the lasagna filling I mixed together cottage cheese, an egg, a package of frozen spinach, a can of rinsed white kidney beans, and a block of gouda, shredded.

To assemble the lasagna, I poured some sweet potato sauce into the baking pan, put down a layer of oven-ready lasagna noodles, a layer of the cottage cheese mixture, and then repeated.  I ended with more sauce poured on top and another block of shredded gouda.  I baked it at 375 for 40 minutes, then kept it under the broiler for a few minutes.  The result was divine.  We ate the leftovers for days, with no complaints.  So damn good.

This was so easy, and so good - we will definitely be making it again!!

On to my resolutions...

1. Read a minimum of 20 mins per day - 31 out of 49 days, not great

2. Read a minimum of 1 book per month -
January - The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
February - The Buddha and The Borderline

3. Drink 80oz of water per day - 13 out of 49 embarrassment!

4. Get in a minimum of 10,000 steps daily - 37 out of 49 days. Not bad, but there's room for improvement

5. Post on this blog weekly - so far so good

6. Lose the baby weight and get into the best shape of my life - This one has been going well. I'm loving the treadmill, and it helps that I watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix while I'm on there (I admit it, I'm obsessed).

7. Have 12 no spend weeks - This isn't going so well. I'll keep trying

8. Write for 30 mins per week - I was on track, but fell behind recently. I'm at an upsetting part of the "story" and didn't want the added stress. It's been very hard dealing with Shaf's death and surrounding issues, so I'll get back to it soon, just not yet.

9. Get rid of 52 things - also from the same website - what a great idea to get rid of things that have been accumulated over the years and just collect dust
1-6. Books given to my daughter's friend, they were duplicates that I didn't need to hang on to
7. Threw out some cleaning products and knick knacks that were under the kitchen sink
8. Got rid of some baby clothes that we had been given by a friend - they were all boys clothes
(since we thought we were having a boy) - I kept some neutral items and brought the rest to Once
Upon A Child for some cash
9. Got rid of all the old tupperware (and bought a new set - does that count? I'm going to say yes
because in the past I would have kept the old & the new)
10. Dumped all of the expired vitamins and medicine that we had (some dating as far back as 2010!!) - more on that below

10. Organize/clean 52 areas (that I wouldn't normally clean during my daily/weekly routines)
1. Organized my book shelves by giving away duplicate books, grouping the self-help novels together, grouping authors together that I have huge collections of, and alphabetizing the remaining books
2. Cleaned the area underneath the kitchen sink - it was a disaster. Now everything is organized
and accounted for
3. I cleaned the top of the hallway closet and threw out winter gear that had no matches along with
other little things that had no business being there (or anywhere). A small project, but a needed
one! (see pictures below)
4. I cleaned our "medicine cabinet" - we have a section of shelving in our kitchen where we keep vitamins and medicine. Most of the bottles were expired, and it was a mess up there. See before and after pics above. And yes, I am still taking prenatal vitamins. We plan on having one more baby so might as well stay healthy for that. To be honest I think I'll continue taking them indefinitely - they are great.

11. Email or call my Grandma weekly - Doing well with this one

And I'm adding one more:

12.  Do things to get me out of my comfort zone - stay tuned

Have a great week y'all!