Cheesy BBQ Meatballs With LOW CARB Spaghetti

So I'm completely obsessed with a new-to-me product called Nupasta.  If you haven't tried it, and are living a low-carb lifestyle, I suggest you get to a grocery store stat and pick some up.

Here's a little info on the product taken from their website:

What is Nupasta and how is it different from traditional pasta?
A full plate (210g) of regular cooked pasta contains about 300 calories and 2g of dietary fibre, the same amount of NuPasta contains 25 calories and 6g of dietary fibre.  NuPasta is also gluten free. Regular pasta is made with wheat, a starch that is high in calories.  NuPasta is made with the root of the konjac plant which is rich in dietary fibre and has no starch.  The absence of starch is the reeason why NuPasta is so low in calories.

If you like rice noodles, you'll love NuPasta, and I don't miss real pasta at all anymore!

Moving on, I was in the mood for some serious comfort food, and what's more comforting than spaghetti and meatballs?  I don't really like the traditional tomato sauce though, so I decided to change it up a bit and do more of a bbq sauce.  With cheese.  Lots of cheese.  Particularly this cheese....

Orkney Scottish cheddar is SO good.

I also didn't feel like seasoning my own meatballs, so thank goodness me and Mario are trusty pals...

I used the spicy mix.  This product is also gluten free (like the NuPasta) - and it's delicious!

So here's what I did - 

I mixed up some ground pork and big chunks of Orkney Cheddar with my Mario's Meatball Mix and formed the meat into balls. I reserved some extra meat for the sauce.  I baked them at 350 for 20 minutes,  While they were baking I made the sauce.  I sauteed some onions and peppers in canola oil, and then added the leftover meat.  Once that was cooked up nicely I added a can of tomato sauce and about 1/2 a cup of bbq sauce.  I let it simmer until the meatballs were done, then added the balls into the sauce and let that simmer for about 10 minutes.  I then rinsed my Nupasta off, warmed it up, and topped it with my meatballs and sauce. It was delicious, and was exactly what I was looking for.