Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken - Made into Two Meals!

My daughter has been making one meal a week and loving every second of it.  Last week she made bacon wrapped stuffed chicken (which I didn't get a picture of) and this week she turned the leftovers into pizza.  These were both super simple recipes but amazing enough to serve company.  The bonus? I'm cooking one night less a week - and she even cleans up after herself!!

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken
6 chicken breasts
6 slices of bacon
salt & pepper
1/2 container of ricotta cheese
1 pack frozen spinach
garlic powder
onion powder

Preheat your oven to 350.  Slice the chicken breasts in half horizontally, but not all the way through, so that you can open them like a hot dog bun.  Mix the last 4 ingredients together and divide amongst the inside of the chicken.  Secure with toothpicks and season with salt and pepper.  Wrap each piece with bacon, and put on a baking sheet.  Bake for 40 minutes in your preheated oven.  We served this with spaghetti squash and steamed brussel sprouts.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Pizza
1 recipe pizza dough (she used this one)
white sauce (she mixed milk & flour together over low heat in a pan and shredded some cheddar cheese into it)
1 leftover wrapped chicken breast, chopped
1 can artichoke hearts chopped up
shredded cheese (she used a mix of cheddar & mozzarella)

Make the dough, chop up the ingredients and top the dough with them - sauce, then chicken, then artichokes, then shredded cheese.  Bake for about 25 minutes at 350 (or until the crust begins to turn golden brown), cut, and eat - delicious!

So there you have it folks - you can re-purpose leftovers into whatever you want, but pizza is always a great choice!

My daughter has informed me that her next meal for us will be shrimp risotto - stay tuned!!