Pantry Challenge Week Two Recap - Feb 8th - 14th

I'm going to try and keep this recap short and sweet - last week's was way to long...

The only grocery shopping I did this week was a large pack of boneless skinless chicken thighs that I needed for a stir fry that I made Friday night.  I used 4 thighs and froze the remaining 5 for another meal. I spent a whopping $12.50.  That brings my 2 week total to $81.72, which is $118.28 under budget, whoot whoot!

Here's what I ate...

Breakfast -  smoothie
Lunch - skipped (with the new job, I've been busy!)
Dinner - seared steaks with the most amazing biscuits ever and incredible gravy

Best Biscuits Ever

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - butternut squash soup (easiest recipe ever - I'll post it soon)
Dinner - leftovers (cabbage roll casserole, steak - we all had a little of something)

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - leftover cabbage roll casserole
Dinner - Sausage with white beans and tomatoes over spaghetti noodles (for them) and egg pancakes for me (2 eggs mixed with 1/4c cream cheese, bake like a pancake, it makes about 6.  I eat them as low carb side dishes as a sub for pasta or bread)

Sausage with White Beans and Tomatoes

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - salad with leftover steak cut up in it and feta cheese
Dinner - leftovers (sausage and white beans)

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - greek soup (I'll post the recipe next week)
Dinner - Simply Asia Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Stir Fry
Breakfast - bacon, lettuce, tomato and egg sandwich
Lunch - leftover cabbage roll casserole (almost done, I promise)
Dinner - same as lunch (now it's done, no more left!)

Breakfast - we went out for brunch as a family, Happy Valentines Day!
Lunch - brunch was late in the day, no need for more food yet
Dinner - the hubby took care of this one - he made Amazing Chicken and a pork belly dish with oyster mushrooms (and he isn't sharing the recipe!) - it was delicious!

So all in all, it was a good week, with lots of savings!