Pantry Challenge Week Three Recap - Feb 15th - 21st

Time for week there's recap! Not a bad week at all!

My groceries this week totaled $85.64 which is $14.36 under budget for the week, and $132.64 under budget for the month, whoot whoot!

There were a couple of pricey items that I had to pick up, like raw almonds, chocolate almonds, and chocolate chips, but I only have to purchase them every couple of months so no big deal.  Here is what I bought:

Chocolate chips @ 8.99
Cooking spray @ 5.29
Chocolate almonds @ 12.99
Cheddar cheese @ 5.79
Jalapeno Monterey jack @ 5.79
Eggs (18) @ 5.29
Milk @ 3.97
Raw almonds @ 11.99
2 bags of kale (to freeze for my smoothies) @ 50% off, so 2.50 each
Romaine lettuce @ 4.69
Tomatoes @ 2.92
Apples @ 3.67
Bacon (2 packs, great sale) @ 3.99 each

Here's what I ate for the week:

Monday (this was Family Day, a holiday for us)
Breakfast - Stuffed French toast (French toast with cream cheese and jam)
Lunch - skipped, breakfast was a late one for all of us
Dinner - grilled cheese and butternut squash soup

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - butternut squash soup
Dinner - leftover chicken from Sunday

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - lobster bisque (I had one portion left in the freezer from a big batch I made a while back)
Dinner - sweet & spicy pork tenderloin with pasta and broccoli on the side (for them) and egg pancakes and broccoli for me
Sweet & Spicy Pork Roast
Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - McDonalds (don't judge)
Dinner - leftovers

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - pepperoni sticks, slice of cheese
Dinner - leftovers

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - skipped
Dinner - hubby made a fantastic pork belly dish with oyster mushrooms and rice (he doesn't really work off of recipes otherwise I would share it here)

Sunday (My Birthday!)
Breakfast - hubby made waffles with whipped cream and syrup
Lunch - leftovers, whatever we could find in the fridge
Dinner - Bday dinner at Barra Fion (review to come) - amazing bday dinner!

That's all for this week!  How are you doing with your pantry challenge?!?