Caramel Chicken & Rice

Tonight I made a chicken recipe that actually had my BF turned off just from the name.  Don't pay attention to the title...yes, Bon Appetit chose to call it caramel chicken, but it's not the sweet, sticky caramel that you are thinking.  It was delicious.  We had this with rice.  I meant to make broccoli as well, but I was running to the gym and totally forgot.

I also prepped tomorrow's meal, which is whitefish cakes.  Kind of like crab cakes but I used tilapia fillets.  More on that tomorrow.

I apologize in advance about the pictures.  I'm stuck with my phone for now...the BF and I are getting each other a really expensive camera for Christmas.  Funny thing is I'm I guess it's my Hanukkah gift, his Christmas gift.  I am completely shocked at how expensive a good camera is!!  So for now, you are stuck with Samsung S3 pictures...sorry!

Caramel Chicken – Bon Appetit

2 T oil
2 ½ lbs chicken legs & thighs
8 garlic
1/3 c brown sugar
¼ c rice vinegar
2 x ¼” thick slices peeled ginger
1 c chicken broth
¼ c soy sauce
2 scallions sliced
Cooked white rice (for serving)

Heat oil over medium-high.  Season chicken with salt and working in batches, cook until brown and crisp, 6-8 minutes per side.  Transfer to a plate and pour off fat from skillet.  Return pot to heat and add ½ c water, scraping up brown bits.  Add sugar and stir to dissolve.  Cook, stirring, 4 minutes.  Carefully add vinegar and stir.  Add next 3 ingredients, than chicken, skin side up and garlic.  Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer 20-25 minutes.  Transfer chicken to plate.  Bring cooking liquid to boil and cook until thick, 10 minutes.  Return chicken to pot, turn to coat.  Top with scallions and serve with rice.

Per serving (4):
490 calories
18g fat
0g fiber