What Do You Do When You're Craving a Big Mac? Make Big Mac Meatloaf!!

Omg you guys.  I was literally dying for a Big Mac the other day.  I haven't had a Big Mac in over 15 years except for the one I had a few months ago when I had too much to drink the night before and the only option for lunch that day according to my stomach was a Big Mac, like duh.

I had taken out ground beef to defrost for dinner and my original plan was to make meatballs.  Well I wasn't feeling meatballs, I was feeling a Big Mac.  It was seriously a toss up between throwing the towel in to cooking all together and walking across the street to McDonalds, or figuring something out at home that would satisfy my craving.  I really wanted to walk across the street...

And then I found this recipe, and I am pleased to say this will definitely be on the dinner rotation!  It was a huge hit, the mac sauce was bang on, I didn't spend any extra money eating out, and I had full control over the ingredients - total win win win!!!

Get the recipe here.  Like right now.  Make it now.  So good!!!  Thank you mymidwesttable.com for introducing this recipe to me!!!