Thai "Chicken" Curry

I love curry.  As you know, I love food in general, but curry especially is something I look forward to experimenting with. 

The term "curry" is just a generic description for a large variety of dishes originating from India, Pakistan, and other Southern or South Eastern Asian cuisines.  West Indians also cook many curry dishes, although the spices in their curry powder is significantly different than that of the East Indians.  A curry dish can be made using meat, poultry, fish, tofu or paneer (my favorite!) and often includes various vegetables.  Curries can be wet or dry - with either a lot of sauce using yogurt or coconut milk, or very little sauce leaving the other ingredients to be heavily coated in the seasonings.

Thai curry is usually a saucy dish containing coconut milk or water, curry paste, and meat (or vegetarian protein).  There are different Thai curry pastes to choose from - red, green, yellow, panang and masamam which vary in heat levels - experiment and try them all to see which ones suit you best.

I adapted this recipe from my new favorite magazine, Bon Apetit.

Thai "Chicken" Curry
2 tsp oil
1 4oz jar or can yellow curry paste (this one is difficult to find, so I cheated and used 'Patak's yellow curry sauce'.  Red paste is easiest to find and can be substituted here as well)
3/4 lb carrots cut in 1/2" rounds (I left this out)
1 onion chopped (I used 2)
1 red pepper chopped
3 Yukon Gold potatoes peeled and cut in 1/2" pieces (I left this out - I don't do carbs!)
1 lb boneless chicken cut in 1" pieces (I used a pack of extra firm tofu, cubed small)
1 can coconut milk
Chopped basil and cilantro for garnish (optional - I used cilantro paste instead in the actual sauce)
I also added some broccoli florets

Heat oil in a large pot over medium.  Add curry paste and cook, stirring, for 1 minute.  Add the next 3 ingredients and cook, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes.  Add next 3 ingredients and 1 1/2c water and bring to a boil.  Reduce to simmer and cook, stirring occasionally until chicken is cooked and potatoes are tender, 20 minutes.  Of course, my version was much quicker because I didn't have chicken or potatoes to cook, so my meal was in the table in 15 minutes.  Divide among bowls & top with herbs.

I love the creamy decadence of this dish, it's so rich and satisfying.

I served this with rice for the BF and kids, and of course, mashed cauliflower for me.

Until next time!