Pork Chops With Papaya Gravy

We had gone to the Oriental Supermarket over the weekend and I got a little too excited.  Every time I go there, I walk out with a cart full of fresh produce - half of which I can't pronounce.  On this trip, I noticed Papaya was on sale, and I went nuts.  Of course, we all know how long fresh produce stays, well, fresh, and a family of 4 can only eat so much a day.  So here I was with lovely cut up papaya, and nothing to do with it.  I decided to adapt a recipe I had found, and make a papaya gravy for my pork chops.  I don't have a formal recipe, but I'll tell you what I did - so simple, and it came out delicious.  In fact, I'm quite looking forward to the leftovers tonight!

Papaya Pork Chops
Season your chops with your favorite seasonings and let sit while you blend up the gravy.  I used chipotle powder, onion powder, garlic powder, hot paprika, and seasoning salt.  Put the following in a blender (and adjust to your liking) - 3 garlic cloves, a chopped onion, 1 c chopped papaya, salt & pepper.  Blend until smooth.  Have about 1c stock standing by - you can use any stock, homemade or pre-made (although if you read to my Broccoli & Apple Soup post, you shouldn't be buying pre-made stock).  Brown your chops on med-high in batches for about 2-3 minutes per side depending on how thick they are.  Once all are browned and set aside, lower your heat to medium and add the stock to scrape up brown bits.  Than add your papaya puree and chops, ensuring they are covered in the sauce, and let it warm through for about 5 minutes on medium. 

I served these with a salad of mixed greens, chopped papaya, and feta and used the Kraft Mango Chipotle dressing.  I also had some steamed green beans on the side.

Fast and simple, healthy and delicious - enjoy!