Spicy Tuna Pad Thai

So as mentioned in previous posts, Monday is Meatless Monday in our home.  Tonight I found myself in a small debate with my boyfriend over meatless Monday's.  What does "meatless" really mean?  No red meat?  Completely vegetarian?  Your thoughts?

Well, I'll give you mine.  In my eyes, meatless Monday's means no chicken, pork, or red meat.  Fish is perfectly acceptable. It seems logical to me that meatless Monday's means no MEAT.  Fish isn't meat.  Fish is fish.   He doesn't agree.  He believes that meatless should mean strictly vegetarian.  I guess none of that matters though since he enjoyed his meatless Monday, regardless of what it was.

I chose to make Spicy Tuna Pad Thai.  This is actually a Clover Leaf recipe.  It was incredibly (shockingly) delicious and by far the easiest meal I have ever made.  I don't think my BF knows that it was tuna from an actual can, and I'm not about to tell him.  He loved it, that's all that matters.

The recipe is below, and as always I have included my changes in brackets.

Spicy Tuna Pad Thai
This recipe only serves 2, so I doubled most of the ingredients...
1c rice vermicelli (I used half a pack of chow mein noodles, it's all I had)
1 can Spicy Thai Chili Tuna
1 can Spicy Peanut Satay Chili
(I used 4 cans of no name spicy thai chili tuna, delicious)
1/4c snow peas, julienned (I used about 2 cups, no 'julienning' here, no need, just trim the ends)
1/4c grated carrot (I used a large handful of baby carrots...these I actually did julienne)
1/4c light coconut milk (I used a full can...and full fat!)
1T ketchup (2 big squirts)
1T bean sprouts (I didn't have any, so I omitted these)
2T chopped peanuts (no thanks, omitted as well)

In large bowl cover rice noodles with boiling water and let soak 3-4 minutes (I cooked my chow mein noodles in boiling salted water for 3 minutes).  While noodles cook, in large saute pan add tuna, snow peas and carrots.  Reserve some for garnish (I didn't).  Stir together over high heat (I did for about 10 minutes because I didn't grate the carrots so they needed a little bit longer to cook).  Add coconut milk and ketchup.  Drain noodles and toss with tuna in saucepan (I didn't, just served the tuna and sauce over the noodles).  Serve in shallow bowls and garnish with remaining veggies and bean sprouts (since I hadn't reserved anything and didn't have bean sprouts, this step was skipped).

For those of you interested, the nutritional info is below based on the actual recipe if followed, and serving two people:

310 calories
12g fat
34g carbs
3g fiber
19g protein

I was thoroughly impressed with how this turned out, and ate leftovers of it tonight for dinner (yes, Tuesdays are leftover night in my house, for the most part).

Enjoy your Meatless Monday's ladies and gentlemen!!

Tomorrow I'm making a pork roast in the slow cooker - the greatest invention on earth.  I'll let you know how it goes...