Mini Blueberry Muffins, and Veggie Packed Spaghetti & Resolutions

I've been loving watching Brie eat new things every day.  She finally has a tooth coming through (with more on the way) so we have been having fun experimenting with new foods and textures.  She recently had pasta at Boston Pizza and has been hooked ever since, so I make different sauces for her to ensure she's getting what she needs nutritionally.  Her favorite so far is alfredo (which I made, and mix with white bean puree for added fiber).  This spaghetti was a hit as well, and didn't require much effort.

I used my regular spaghetti sauce, but blended up broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini to add to the sauce.  I also sauteed up some chopped kale.  It was delicious, and packed with veggies, so a win win for us all.

And these muffins, guys, are so good.  For us and for baby.  I know I have talked about this website before but I can't tell you all enough times how amazing it is.  If you're trying to feed a baby or toddler and need some ideas, check out the recipes on the site.  Love love love everything I have made so far (and so does Brie)

These muffins were healthy and packed with goodness for the baby, and delicious enough for us to snack on.  So good!!

On to my resolutions...

2019 Resolutions


1. Get out of debt - minimum payment of 300/month with additional ideas and ways to increase payments listed below
- this is going well so far considering it's only week one

2. Do various challenges - spending fast, pantry challenge - money saved goes on to debt
- currently challenging myself to keep groceries below $400, more on that below

3. Buy second hand, no new books all year
- nothing purchased yet!

4. Do all survey receipts, petro points receipts - use points accumulated for gift cards, extras for us (a want not a need) - currently have $123 in petro points

5. 20 minutes a day for swagbucks surveys - use points accumulated for gift cards, extras for us (a want not a need) - currently have $64.86 in points

6. Raise money by selling things - extra money goes on to debt OR is used for extras only (a want, not a need)
- returned a baby gate to Walmart ($23) and a sweater to Old Navy ($27) and used that money for a Christmas gift for a friend and some additional groceries needed

7. Be diligent about price matching, frugal shopping, wasting less (food) and only buying what is needed
- so far so good

8. Reduce monthly groceries gradually & put the extra money on to debt - current budget is $400/month, lets see how low it can go
- total groceries for January so far is $69.40 - spent $18 on needs for the baby (milk, yogurt, etc) and $53 at Nations on produce including some amazing deals (2 huge bags of spinach for .99 each, pork chops @ 1.99/lb, blueberries @ 2 pints for 4.99, also potatoes, green onions, bok choy, pears, carrots, chilis, sugar snap peas, zucchini, lemons and grapes - all produce will be used in recipes with meat we already have for the upcoming week

9. Buy new car and pay down as much as possible (and get on a reasonable repayment plan) - this should be the only debt we are carrying in to 2020

Health & Wellness

1. Exercise 3x per week
- 3 out of 5 days so far

2. Minimum of 80oz of water per day
- 2 out of 5 days so far - needs improvement

3. Do various food challenges (no carbs, no sugar, no processed foods, meatless Mondays, etc)
- this week will be a smoothie challenge; starting the day off with a green smoothie every day

4. Get serious about diet/food

5. Reserve drinking for weekends and/or special occasions

- so far so good

6. Read for 20mins per day

- 3 out of 5 days, needs improvement

7. Read one book per month

8. Live in the moment - worry less (worrying means you can’t possibly be living in the moment)

9. Less nagging, more loving

10. Less judging, more enjoying time with people

11. Less judging, more enjoying time with people

And some newly added ones:

12. Blog once a week
- 2 out of 2

13. Spend more time with positive people

14. Spend more time with family

15. Get my back looked after and be pain free by the end of 2019

16. Go to the dentist regularly


1. Clean out under the basement stairs

2. Take on a minimalist approach - get rid of “stuff”, clear the clutter

3. Stay on top of cleaning by doing something small daily/every other day

In other news, my first love, my first baby, turns 18 today. I can't believe it. Time has really flown by and she has somehow turned into a truly beautiful human being inside and out. She actively works in the community performing spoken word and has started applying to universities. It's incredible to watch her grow and morph into an adult, although she will always be my baby. We are taking her to dinner tonight, and for her gift she has requested her first tattoo, and for me to get a matching one. I'm actually honored. More on that when we get them...

Here she is doing what she loves - writing and directing

My first baby applying to universities while my second baby reads and plays with her toys

Such an amazing big sister

Performing spoken word