Pantry Challenge Week Four Recap - Feb 22nd-28th

This recap will be short & sweet - and my last one.  I'm going to continue on the pantry challenge, but will not be posting the re-caps; I am on track now and will hold myself accountable though!

I totally forgot to keep my grocery receipt to share with you but I spent $120 and here is what I got:

Sweet Peppers
Feta Cheese
Chocolate raisins (for our candy jar)
2 packs of chicken thighs & 1 pack of legs (on sale for $5 each)
Protein powder
Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese blocks
Cheese strings

Although I went $20 over my budget for the week, I am still under $500 for the month (by $110, so actually under $400!!), so all is good!

Here's what we ate:

Breakfast - slept in after late night bday celebrations and ran out the out the door with no smoothie.  Not a great start to the day (insert angry face here)
Lunch - 6" egg salad sub on whole wheat @ Subway (I was starving and had to settle for something)
Dinner - oven baked ribs and antipasto cauliflower salad

Antipasto Cauliflower Salad
Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - Greek Lemon & Egg Soup
Dinner - leftover ribs and cauliflower salad

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - butternut squash soup
Dinner - Chicken with Ranchera Salsa (with rice for them and egg pancakes for me) - so good!

Chicken with Ranchera Salsa
Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - Greek lemon & egg soup
Dinner - leftovers

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - McDonalds (free - don't judge!)
Dinner - pizza (we ordered)
Needless to say Friday was a very bad day for eating!!

I made up for it by going to an awesome aerial yoga class on Saturday that my friend was teaching - if you haven't tried aerial yoga I highly recommend it!  I'm still sore today, it was amazing!!

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - pizza (from a local place by my friend's house who did the yoga - fresh ingredients and I didn't feel as guilty...)
Dinner - Hubby made a chicken and sausage biryani; he doesn't share recipes, nor does he actually use any so unfortunately I can't share them with you.  It was delicious though!

For the upcoming week, we have leftover biryani, and hubby also took out a beef roast and lamb chops from the freezer to thaw, so we should be good.  The freezer is still fairly stocked, and so is the pantry, so I am going to continue using what we have for March.  The money saving has been fantastic, and has allowed me to put an extra $100 on to our debt.

Hope you guys enjoyed this pantry challenge, and will continue on your own as well.

Have a great week!