Not So Curried Chicken...

This is one of my kids' favorite recipes.  Mine and the hubby's too.  It's my mom's 'curried' chicken recipe.  Although it's do I say it...North Americanized.  My hubby is of Jamaican descent - so I can assure you this is not West Indian recipe.  We also love Indian food - it absolutely cannot be classified as East Indian curry either. 

I liken it to when I used to go to clubs, and looked forward to hearing a certain type of music (that would have been advertised as the feature that night).  I was always disappointed, because they never played the TRUE genre I was looking for, they only played the top hits that were circulating on the radio.

So this curried chicken isn't a TRUE's a very run-of-the-mill, easily enjoyed recipe.  Best for picky eaters, if you ask me, because there is nothing here that wouldn't be liked.

"Curried" Chicken
18 pieces of chicken (I used breasts this time - but have used legs, thighs, whatever I had at the time)
1 garlic, chopped (I used 3)
salt & pepper
juice of half a lemon (I used a tsp of bottled lemon juice)
1/2c butter or margarine (I find this to be WAY to much - a little under a 1/4c will do just fine)
1 1/2 T curry powder (this is why we are allowed to call it curried
3/4c Dijon mustard
1c honey
1 T soy sauce

Put all of the chicken in a baking pan.  Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and warm them up (I put them in a bowl and warmed them in the microwave).  Pour all over the chicken.  Bake at 350 for 60 minutes (this time would vary depending on what type of chicken you are using.  Chicken breasts only need about 40 minutes, thighs can be anywhere from 40-60 minutes depending on the size, etc.  Leave a comment if you have questions).  Baste if the chicken isn't well covered (it will be, unless you're using a HUGE pan...which you shouldn't be!).  That's it.  Enjoy!

I serve this with rice and a simple salad.  It's a quick meal, and always a pleaser!