Colossus Greek Taverna

For Valentines Day on Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner.  We went to a Greek restaurant called Colossus Greek Taverna in Port Credit.  Let me tell you, this meal was FABULOUS.  I might have to mention that this was the first real meal I had eaten in a week, since my wisdom teeth were pulled.  I was dying for the taste of red meat…chicken…anything with substance and flavor.  Anything that required chewing.  This place definitely delivered.

 The restaurant is small and bustling – super busy on a Saturday night, but their service isn’t affected.  There is always someone to assure you that you will be seated shortly (we only waited about 10 minutes) and many people visit your table throughout the meal to ensure you are ok.  At some places this would be annoying, but Colossus somehow pulls this off tastefully and you barely notice it has even happened (but suddenly your table is cleared, or your entrée arrives).
We started by ordering an appetizer and of course a bottle of white wine.  I leave the wine to my boyfriend – I have no clue about the grapes, and dryness…whatever it is, he knows how to order for me and I take what I get.  The food is more important to me than the alcoholic grape juice.  For our appetizer we ordered the Saganaki and an order of pita wedges to eat it with.  On the menu the Saganaki is described as “Our famous opa pan seared sheeps cheese”.  I love cheese, so although this didn’t sound too exciting, it came recommended by the server.  When he brought it to our table, it was lit on fire, and a meek ‘opa’ came from his mouth.  He then put the fire out by squeezing a lemon over the fabulous fried creation, and placed it on our table. 

This cheese was DIVINE.  The pitas were absolutely the freshest I have ever tasted, still warm, and spreading the sheep’s cheese (which had a golden crispy crust) onto the pita was a taste of heaven.  Literally.  It was slightly crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, a little salty, and fabulously defined by the little bit of fresh lemon juice that was added.  Just an incredible moment for my taste buds.  So good.

On to entrees…although I could probably talk about that appetizer for hours.   

My boyfriend ordered the Lamb & Sea.  On the menu this is described as “A combination of lamb chops, lamb tenderloin, and pulled lamb with sautéed shrimps and scallops topped with a Muscat wine reduction, served with lemon potatoes and grilled vegetables”.  It sounded like a great meal, and he’s a real meat & potatoes guy, so the perfect choice for him. 
I ordered the Surf N’ Turf.  I don’t have the formal menu description for what this was, since I believe it was a special and not part of their normal selection, but I’m more than happy to elaborate.  This incredible dish came with a lobster tail sitting on a goat cheese topped slice of eggplant, as well as beet risotto, asparagus, beef tenderloin stuffed with goat cheese (YES, stuffed with goat cheese!!) and béchamel sauce on top.  Oh.  My.  God.  This meal was INCREDIBLE.  I melted into each bite.  I don’t know what more I can say except that you MUST have this meal when you visit Colossus.  The presentation was gorgeous, the risotto was creamy, the asparagus perfectly cooked.  The tenderloin was the right shade of pink, with goat cheese oozing from each bite, the lobster was obviously lovingly prepared, and the béchamel…creamy and rich.  Delicious.
My boyfriend seemed to enjoy his meal, although I was too wrapped up in my own love affair to have a taste of his dish.  He did give me a piece of his scallop, which was wonderful.
When we left, we were thoroughly satisfied and I was mentally planning for when we could come back.  I seriously can’t wait to eat there again. 
Thank you Colossus for making my first visit back to real food a memorable one!